Greenways alternative onsite system design team provides all the necessary details and specifications for installation of a complete alternative wastewater disposal system. A plan is engineered specifically to suit the site characteristics, drainfield and well location, approximate house location and county specific set back requirements.


A Design Based on Site and Soil Characteristics

The design process for a project starts with an engineers design team site visit. Armed with the soils scientists abbreviated design form, the surveyors drainfield location plat, and expertise predicated from the experience of hundreds of onsite designs, the design team collects additional site information including the proposed house location, and additional topographical information. Whenever possible, client preferences regarding system type and location are incorporated into the design.


Guidance Memoranda Policys (GMP’s)

The Virginia Department of Health’s, Environmental Services Division, establishes policy regarding approved onsite pretreatment and disposal components and design specifications. Based on the soil and site findings, the GMP’s dictate the type of treatment system, components, and design criteria. The design team and soils scientist has chosen the treatment and disposal system prescribed by the GMP mandates. The recent advent of alternative wastewater onsite treatment technology has created a range of options for sites that do not have the soils characteristics desirable for conventional wastewater disposal. For more information regarding Virginia regulations: