Charles Town Races and Slots

Project Responsibilities

  • Serving as an on-call civil engineer from 2001 – present to handle main construction projects as well as some day-to-day issues
  • Services include road design, water distribution modeling and design, sewer (storm and sanitary) collection design, storm water management and design, erosion and sediment control, site planning, project coordination, construction period services, survey services, and general coordination issues
  • Completed 140,000 SF west parking deck and a 140,000 SF east parking deck, 5 building additions and expansions for a total of 264,000 SF
  • Constructed the main entrance road (figure above) and associated parking layouts, employee parking lots, practice track for equine training, pump station design and site plan for 0.348 MGD wastewater treatment plant
  • Designed and Completed 150 room hotel