Greenway Engineering offers a variety of land planning services that provide for all aspects of land use and land development activities. The Planning Division professional staff specializes in land plan design, land use policy, development programming, and public process procedures necessary to provide for development approvals.

Land Plan Design Services include residential, commercial, industrial, and mixed-use conceptual design, landscape design, and rural subdivision design.

Land Use Policy Services include comprehensive planning, land use policy development, and legislative development for zoning and subdivision ordinances.

Development Programming Services include site feasibility studies, land use implementation plans, and community impact analysis assessment studies.

Public Process Approval Services include property rezoning, master development planning, site planning, conditional, and special use permitting including presentations to elected and appointed officials, community organizations and committees, citizens groups, and the general public.

Greenway Engineering provides these planning services in a cost effective and timely manner with a very successful public approval record for our clientele.



Greenway has provided tree preservation plans and services for our clients with residential, commercial, and industrial properties, working with local county governments and their ordinances. It is crucial to involve an arborist early in the planning stages of a project to help identify and save viable trees that would anchor and bring value to its development. Compaction, severing of roots, and changes in grades are all common problems during the construction process. Our arborists would help avoid damage to the trees and root zones during the construction process. Contact a Greenway Arborist for more information on this service.