Project Description



This project featured the construction of a 165,000 square foot office and warehouse facility for FEMA on 17 acres in the Rutherford Crossing development to serve FEMA’s local operations and emergency services. The plan was designed to meet the General Service Administration’s Solicitation for Offer (SFO), the awarded client’s proposal, and the local County regulations. The project was one of the first LEED certified facilities in Frederick County and included stormwater quality measures, a green roof system, support for green energy vehicles, added open space, water efficient design, recycled building materials, and LEED certified indoor environmental quality. Civil work included coordination with VDOT for dual entrances to the property and design of specific site security measures meeting the federal government building security requirements.


The Cowperwood Company
Frederick County, Virginia


Ed Sussi, Executive Vice President
375 Park Ave, Suite 3701
New York, NY 10152

Engineering Tasks

  • Civil – Site Construction Plans for Project. Included Specifications
  • Water Model/Water Distribution System Design
  • Main Site Parking with 538 Spaces and HC Accessibility
  • Grass Paved Site Parking for 181 Spaces for Overflow Needs
  • Vehicular Security Measures and Barriers to meet GSA’s Building Security Requirements
  • Secured Loading Dock and Earthwork Berms
  • Water Quality BMPs including Dry Swales, Constructed Wetlands, and Pervious Grass Pavement
  • Landscape Architect Coordination of Landscaping and Hardscaping
  • Utility Design Coordination
  • Sanitary Sewer Design and Sewer Pump Station Sizing and Design Coordination
  • 5,000 AC Regional Stormwater and Floodplain Evaluation

Surveying Tasks

  • Data Acquisition for Civil Design (Asbuilt and Topography)
  • Utility Location
  • Boundary Survey
  • Easement Plats
  • Construction Stakeout
  • Set Property Corners