Greenway Engineering provides a range of GIS Services, including Mapping, Data Attribute Analysis, and Geo-Database Design.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is the combination of software, computers, and data that allow one to analyze and display information that has been located on the face of the earth. The power of GIS is in the information associated with a given location. Some say that location, location, location is what’s important, while others say that information is knowledge, and knowledge is power. GIS combines these two trains of thought to show where desired features are located, while symbolically or descriptively conveying information about the feature.


Thematic Maps and Exhibits

Thematic maps focus on a particular subject, with appropriate background and supporting information. For example, creating a new map showing the Environmental Features on a parcel of land could indicate whether a proposed use is suitable for that piece of land.

Features of Greenway Thematic Maps and Exhibits:
  • Parcel Based
  • Aerial Based
  • Location Based
  • Transportation Based
  • Environmental Recreation
  • Zoning
  • U.S. Census Data
  • Custom Sizes
  • Multiple Output Formats