Greenway’s full-service environmental staff offers a one-stop shop for a wide range of environmental services. We proudly serve all types of clients—from property owners and developers to real estate agents and government agencies.

Please see our detailed services below and contact us to schedule a project.

Understanding wetlands and water systems is a crucial part of engineering projects. We provide preliminary evaluations, delineation, stream assessments, regulatory permitting, and mitigation. Our team is educated and trained in biology, ecology, and soil science.

Greenway’s alternative onsite system design team provides all the necessary details and specifications for installing complete alternative wastewater disposal systems. Our plans are specifically engineered to suit the site characteristics, client preferences, county-specific requirements, and location of drain field, well, and house.

A soil study is a valuable tool in determining the suitability and ultimately the value of a property. Our experienced soil scientists can perform a soils study to determine if a drain field (conventional or alternative) site can be approved. We can provide a preliminary walkover review, feasibility study, testing, inspections, and a full soil and site evaluation study. We evaluate properties for residential, community, commercial, and industrial development.

We offer AOSS inspections, maintenance, and monitoring to homeowners with onsite conventional and alternative wastewater disposal systems. Our years of service in the specification, design, inspection, operation, and maintenance of systems offers unprecedented experience. We offer preventative maintenance and monitoring services to both non-discharging and discharging systems, designated as formal and informal testing by VDH regulations.


If you are unsure if you have an alternative drain field or would like some help in understanding the regulations, please give us a call or email and we will be glad to explain the requirements. You can reach our helpful staff by calling 540.662.4185 or emailing us at ranoland@greenwayeng.com. Additional information from the Virginia Department of Health regarding these regulations can be found here.