Innovative Stormwater Management Solutions, Frederick County, VA

January 14, 2021

The ingenuity of engineering and surveying comes alive when challenges present themselves. The Greenway team recognized that stormwater management strategies required at the Graystone Industrial Center site were challenging.

There were large quantities of off-site stormwater runoff upstream that required a bypass through the property and limited on-site space for the placement of BMPs due to proffered buffers and conditions. The team utilized an off-site retention pond, conservation areas, and water quality credits to meet the property’s full build-out stormwater requirements. This innovative solution increased the commercial space available and eliminated the need for multiple BMPs, thereby reducing construction and long-term maintenance costs.

Located on 185+ acres, the Graystone Industrial Center contains multiple warehouses built-to-suit in Frederick County, Virginia. The success of this project is due to the collaboration of the design and construction partners – MGMA (architecture), Shockey Properties (property management), and Perry Engineering (general contractor).

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Project Contacts
Randy Kepler, PE
Director of Engineering
Greenway Engineering
T: 540.662.4185

Mr. Gray Farland
Director of Corporate Development
Shockey Properties
T: 540.665.3281