Meet Matt Johnson, Project Engineer

Greenway Northern Virginia Team

How long have you been at Greenway Engineering?
19 months

How long have you been in the land development industry?
5+ years full-time, plus internships all through college

Why did you choose civil engineering/land development as a career?
I always knew I wanted to be an engineer. I chose civil because it affords me opportunities to get out in the field and get my boots dirty (but I still get a cozy office to come back to every day, unlike field exclusive team members).

What is your favorite thing about working at Greenway?
While many things make Greenway my favorite job to date, I would have to say the people are my favorite aspect of working here. Greenway has by-far the most competent team of engineers I have been a part of. Additionally, I consider the people in this office to be my friends. There are no office politics or other nonsense to navigate. Just genuinely good, straightforward, honest, hardworking people that all get along.

What is the most satisfying/fulfilling aspect of your job?
Teaching and training give me the most satisfaction at work. As I said, the people are my favorite thing about Greenway. I think quality training is important because it allows the people underneath me to step up in the company, which pushes me up with them. Not only is it sound business, but it also feels good to teach my friends and see them succeed – and, in turn, to succeed with them.