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Greenway Engineering, Inc. is a multi-disciplined consulting engineering firm in the Northern Shenandoah Valley and Northern Virginia. Formed in 1971, Greenway Engineering offers Civil Engineering, Surveying, Land Planning, and Environmental Services to a diverse client base.

Our team approach combines talent and expertise, providing the client with innovative and efficient project execution with a holistic approach.

We possess extensive knowledge of local building development and environmental regulations, and have continued working relationships with the regulatory and governmental personnel for each of the disciplines offered.



Mark D. Smith, PE, LS
Mark D. Smith, PE, LSPresident
C: 540.974.0335
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Randy L. Kepler, PE, LEED AP
Randy L. Kepler, PE, LEED APDirector of Engineering
C: 540.974.0371
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Evan A. Wyatt, AICP
Evan A. Wyatt, AICPDirector of Planning, VA
C: 540.974.2701
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Jamie R. MacLean, CFM, CZO
Jamie R. MacLean, CFM, CZODirector of Planning, WV
C: 304.620.3025
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Ernest S. Holzworth, LS, PS
Ernest S. Holzworth, LS, PSDirector of Surveys
C: 540.974.9112
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Lloyd C. Winters, C.E.T.
Lloyd C. Winters, C.E.T.Director of Inspections
C: 540.539.0691
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Stephen J. White, AOSE, LPSS
Stephen J. White, AOSE, LPSSEnvironmental Project Manager
C: 540.974.9111
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Andrea R. Kaval
Andrea R. KavalLaboratory Manager
C: 540.974.0363
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Jeremy N. Tweedie
Jeremy N. TweedieSenior Project Manager
C: 540.974.0343
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Kurt D. Pennington
Kurt D. PenningtonProject Manager
C: 540.974.9099
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Eric J. Gottshall
Eric J. GottshallProject Manager
C: 540.931.7796
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Kevin A. Seward, PE
Kevin A. Seward, PEProject Manager
C: 540.532.5157
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Scott Stickley, PE
Scott Stickley, PEProject Manager
C: 540.622.3405
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Niki T. Adhikusuma, PE
Niki T. Adhikusuma, PEProject Manager
C: 540.931.3875
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Trenton Caudill, PE
Trenton Caudill, PEProject Manager
C: 540.662.4185 x248
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Charles Walburn
Charles WalburnProject Manager
C: 304.960.1396
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Jeremy H. Ferguson, AOSS
Jeremy H. Ferguson, AOSSEnvironmental Engineer
C: 540.974.9102
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