Project Description



  • Perform boundary surveys, easement plats, site plans, and storm sewer systems
  • Coordinate underground utilities specialists to locate specific underground utilities such as gas, electric, water, telephone, and other services in order to field locate these utilities and incorporate them into the overall construction documents
  • Demolition plan to identify the items to be removed and relocated
  • Site plan for the road extension and parking lot addition, including on-site storm sewer, grading, and interior parking
  • Design the required systems for detention of increased storm runoff
  • Adequate outfall analysis for storm drainage
  • Prepare the Construction Discharge Permit in accordance with Department of Environmental Quality Regulations
  • Prepare a site lighting plan showing the lighting required for interior and peripheral parking lots
  • Prepare a plan to show the transformer locations and the underground conduit with specified type, size, and length of the pipes
  • Prepare an overall landscape plan showing open space areas, buffers, vegetated areas, and undisturbed floodplains also including the necessary calculations and tabulations to indicate that adequate tree canopy coverage


Joleen, LLC
1712 Handley Avenue
Winchester, VA 22601


Al Graber