We have been working for the Snowden Bridge Community since 2003. By working hand in hand with the owner, developer, and contractors on site, we are able to provide consistent, high-quality surveying services—producing one of the most recognizable and desirable communities in Northern Virginia.

We established the initial zoning entitlement for Snowden’s 2,400-unit mixed-use community on land that had previously been designated for future industrial development. Subsequent to the entitlement phase, Greenway’s land planning operation provided integrated support with the engineering and surveying operations to record subdivision sections and manage bond obligations.

Services Provided

  • Design plans for subdivisions, recreation facilities, and house sites
  • Rezoning and proffer preparation
  • Boundary survey, construction stakeout, and final house location surveys


Stephenson, VA



Engineering Tasks

  • Design of Public Improvements for Old Charles Town Road & Snowden Blvd (Major Collector)
  • Subdivision Design Plans
  • Site Plans for Recreation Facilities
  • House Site Grading Plans
  • Sanitary Sewer Design
  • Regional Stormwater Management
  • BMP and LID Design

Planning Tasks

  • Rezoning
  • Proffer Preparation
  • Master Development Planning
  • Preparation of Construction Documents for Community Villages, Parks, and Natural Open Space Preservation Areas

Surveying Tasks

  • Boundary Survey
  • GPS Control
  • Construction Stakeout for Site Development
  • Subdivision Plats for Recordation
  • Offsite Easement Plats
  • House Sittings
  • Final House Location Surveys
  • Set Property Corners