Greenway was contracted to plan and design a site expansion for HP Hood in Frederick County for the addition of a 261,800 sq. ft. warehouse. The company was operating multiple storage facilities throughout the county and needed one, centralized warehouse to consolidate their operations on site.


Frederick County, VA



Engineering Tasks

  • Civil – Site Construction Documents for Project Including Specifications
  • Coordination With Architect and Design Team on Final Product
  • Entrance Road and Guard House for Tractor Trailer Access to Site
  • Loading Dock and Trailer Parking Area Design
  • Wetland Delineation and Permitting for Stream Impacts
  • Underground Groundwater Drainage System Design
  • Stormwater Management and Water Quality Design With Dry Swales And Bioretention
  • Regional Stormwater Modeling
  • Relocation of A 20” Regional Water Distribution Main
  • Autoturn Modeling for Compliance With Truck Accessibility
  • Construction Administration Support With Asbuilt Review
  • Construction Inspection Services

Surveying Tasks

  • Topographical Survey Supplemented With Aerial Survey With in House Equipment
  • Construction Survey
  • Construction Asbuilt