Project Description



Greenway Engineering was contracted to plan and design a site expansion for HP Hood in Frederick County for the addition of a 261,800 square foot warehouse to support and consolidate their operations on site. Facility was operating multiple storage facilities throughout the county and needed one, centralized warehouse facility.


Design Concepts Architecture
Frederick County, Virginia


Tim Machado

Engineering Tasks

  • Civil – Site Construction Documents for Project Including Specifications
  • Coordination With Architect and Design Team on Final Product
  • Entrance Road and Guard House for Tractor Trailer Access to Site
  • Loading Dock and Trailer Parking Area Design
  • Wetland Delineation and Permitting for Stream Impacts
  • Underground Groundwater Drainage System Design
  • Stormwater Management and Water Quality Design With Dry Swales And Bioretention
  • Regional Stormwater Modeling
  • Relocation of A 20” Regional Water Distribution Main
  • Autoturn Modeling for Compliance With Truck Accessibility
  • Construction Administration Support With Asbuilt Review
  • Construction Inspection Services

Surveying Tasks

  • Topographical Survey Supplemented With Aerial Survey With in House Equipment
  • Construction Survey
  • Construction Asbuilt