Project Description



Fredericktowne Crossing , a commercial shopping center approximately 21 acres comprised of over 116,000 square feet, including: a Martin’s Grocery Store, Diamond Cuts, Domino’s Pizza, Daily Grind, other various restaurants, a bank, and other possible retail space including a gas station.


RVG Management
Frederick County, Virginia


Dennis J. Shmidt

Project Responsibilities

  • Site Layout Preparation
  • Performed Boundary Surveys, easement plats, site plans, and storm sewer systems
  • Designed the required systems for detention of increased storm runoff
  • Adequate outfall analysis for storm drainage
  • Prepared the Construction Discharge Permit in accordance with Department of Environmental Quality Regulations
  • Prepared a plan to show the transformer locations and the underground conduit with specified type, size, and length of the pipes
  • Prepared an overall landscape plan showing open space areas, buffers, vegetated areas, and undisturbed floodplains also including the necessary calculations and tabulations to indicate that adequate tree canopy coverage
  • Final Site Engineering Design
  • Construction Coordination and Assisting Contractor with Obtaining Building Permits
  • Road Improvements along Fairfax Pike (Route 277) and Double Church Road (Route 641)