Project Description



  • Prepare boundary surveys, easement plats, site plans, and storm sewer systems, subdivision plats, wetlands coordination, topographical survey, preliminary grading plans, earthwork take off approximation, site plan revisions, and landscape plans
  • Site plan for the parking lot including on-site storm sewer, grading, and interior parking
  • Design the required systems for detention of increased storm runoff
  • Adequate outfall analysis for storm drainage
  • Prepare the Construction Discharge Permit in accordance with Department of Environmental Quality Regulations
  • Prepare a site layout as well as public improvements
  • Prepare a plan to show the transformer locations and the underground conduit with specified type, size, and length of the pipes
  • Prepare an overall landscape plan showing open space areas, buffers, vegetated areas, and undisturbed floodplains also including the necessary calculations and tabulations to indicate that adequate tree canopy coverage


RDS-Realty Development Services
Frederick County, Virginia


Ed Murphy